Kpawumo Educational Institute

We are planing to build a new educational institute, made possible with the generous financial and personal support of the German company Kurt Koenig from Einbeck, Lower Saxony. The Kpawumo village community is providing the plot and will be owner of the new institute.

The new educational institute is being registered with the local authorities. Together with Kurt Koenig and the Kpawumo Goettingen e.V. booster club a concept has been developed, including architectural drawings, offers from local builders. Start of construction is planed for November 2018. 

Our Paramount Chief and our local MP Suhuyini Alhassan Sayibu have both assured their full support.

We plan to educate tailoring and carpeting in the first phase, more professions are planed with future expansions.

We are very pleased about the cooperation with Kurt Koenig, our mutual goal is to provide young people from Kpawumo with a good education.