Volunteer essay by Paul Jonas Radeck

I finally finished school in spring 2018. As a lot of students I hadn’t any plans or ideas for
what I could do after finishing my last semester of my A-Level. I was totally clueless until
Markus, a Friend of mine, asked me to volunteer in a foreign country. He suggested Ghana
an absolutely different place and culture I was kind of scared of. He told me about the
Kpawumo Primary School where I can teach children some subjects.

First I had some issues deciding if I should travel or not. I have never traveled alone.
Especially that far away. That was absolutely unbelievable for me in the first place. I only
saw some pictures of the country and never knew how it actually is there. The
atmosphere, the people and the different values and standards. Personally it was the right
time in my life to do this kind of trip. Of course I was scared and I did not know what to
aspect. Nevertheless I thought a lot about it and finally agreed to fly to Ghana and be a
teacher for round about a month.

After having a long and exhausting flight I got to see my host family for the first time ever.
For the next five and a half weeks I lived with the family of Mr. Shamsudeen and his wife. A
very friendly and kind family I really enjoyed to live with. Very lovable children that
accepted me as I am. It felt like a real home. It was very comfortable and I felt really
good. All in all a very nice family with a very good atmosphere.

To get to my actual challenge and job for the weeks, school started for me as a teacher. I
teached a lot of subjects I did not have any problems with. It was absolutely makeable
even though I had to speak fluent englsih all the time. It was a little bit hard to get into
the language but after some days i totally got used to it and it was easier to have
conversations with people and to explain things to students. The children I teached in the
classes I had were very friendly and nice. Most admirable that they were so open. They
talked a lot and we had funny and enjoyable conversations. Even though I was a little bit
overwhelmed because they jumped around me, asked for my name , touched me and took
my hand the whole time I got used to it and had´nt any problems after a short time. I can
not believe that I will miss this some day after my whole jouney. That´s crazy. Another
positive point that speaks for the Kpawumo Primary School is the atmosphere in general is
very good and comfortable. All the teachers were so nice, kind, friendly and good
educated. I really enjoyed to work with them. Plus we had a lot of fun and made jokes
together. That really brightened up my day. The most important thing is that I really liked
to go to school everyday. I think that is a fact that speaks for a wonderful time in Ghana
and that it was worth it.

If I take a look at the people, I admire how they are so happy without having so many
materialistics in their world. They do not have so much money or a are rich in any point.
They where so happy with their life they are living in. In my view that is the key of pure
happiness. Be happy however everything lookes like. If you are happy and satisfied with
your life, you will spread positivty. Nothing in the world can take that from you. In my case
I felt those vibes and learned so much. It is all about having a strong family tie and to
enjoy the little things that matter only to you.

When I look back at my time as volunteer in Ghana I can definetly say that I have learned
so many life lessons that have a big impact on my life. Until today. Lastly I can say this trip
was absolutley worth it. If you do not know what you want to do after school, go and
travel to get some experience in different cultures. Learn and make experience for life.
This organisation is a great opportunity to do something different.

All I can say is, do not be shy to do something special in life. Make memories like I did.                                                                              Nobody got to know..maybe I will see Ghana again.