After not reporting for several months, mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has had an impact on life in Kpawumo as it had all over the world, we want to give a short summary what what was achieved in and around Kpawumo.

With restrictions in place in Ghana the school was closed in March 2020 and did not reopen before January 15th 2021. No classes where held at the vocational school either, but practical work lessons where offered and well attended.

Due to the travel restrictions no one from Germany was able to go to Kpawumo until November 2020, where Nils and Markus picked up many projects and started new ones, including renovations of the main school buildings, setting up a fence around the school grounds. The carpenter classes build new furniture like school desks and lockable cupboards for the new school books, acquiring those was a long process that started in 2019.

The playground was renovated and new signposts were set up.