Kpawumo Children’s Home

was opened in 2010, right now there are children aged between 6 months and 22 years living at the orphanage, which besides accommodation and board provides health care and pays for education. Like the school the Children’s Home is financed through donations.

Ibrahim Alhassan

he is about 15 years old, one of the first residents of the Children’s Home, lost both his parents when he was two years old. Before coming to the orphanage he was looked after by close relatives. The family of a paramount chief adopted Ibrahim. Education is very important for the chief, all family members speak excellent English. Ibrahim is attending the 2nd class of a Junior High School in Tamale.

Shamsiya Iddrisu

about 11 years old. Shamsiya and her twin brother Shamsudeen lost their parents when they were about one year old, Shamsiya had to have her left leg amputated after an accident. It’s very difficult to have a prober prosthesis fitted in Ghana, therefore we are looking to get help from a German prosthetic technician.  She is attending the 2nd grade of the Kpawumo Primary School.

Shamsudeen Iddrisu

about 11 years old. Shamsudeen and his twin sister Shamsiya lost their parents when they were about one year old. Shamsudeen is a bright child but not very keen on school. Therefore Shamsudeen together with Ayisha and his twin sister Shamsiya have to attend extras classes with Ahmed Abdallah the1st grade teacher.

Aziz Sayibu

he is 22 years old, lost his mother when he was still an infant, he was raised by his grandmother until she passed away. Instead of going to school Aziz worked serveral years as a load motorcycle driver to support his father. When Markus came to Kpawumo for the first time Aziz was back at school. The Kpawumo community selected Aziz be a guide for the volunteers. Paid by the Kpawumo Goettingen e.V. booster club he is attending a public high school in Tamale.

Mariam Masahudu

she is about 16 years old, her father died when she was 4 years old, her mother could not support her. She is attending the 2 nd class of the Junior High School in Tamale together with Ibrahim. She shows a lot of commitment in the Children’s Home’s household. Her school grades have greatly improved because of her hard work.

Abdul-Fatawu Braimah

he is about 18 years old, lost his mother when he was 4 years old. Due to a muscular disease he needs a wheelchair. He is attending the 6th grade of the Kpawumo Primary School. It’s impossible to send Fatawu to the Junior High School because we don’t have acceptable transportation and haven’t found a Junior high School where Fatawu would be integrated with his disability. Fatawu is the school prefect and we are trying to teach him parts of the curriculum of the Junior high School.

Dijan Alhassan

he is 10 years old, lost his father. Dijan is attending the Kpawumo Primary School. Like Haruna Dijan is a quiet child. He shows great interest in technical things.Dijan was able to assemble a Lego Technic car the second time without the manual.

Ayisha Abdulai

she is 11 years old, lost her father. She is attending the 2nd grade of the Kpawumo Primary School. As Mariam Ayesha is committed in the household, but she is lacking some commitment for school, therefore Ayisha is attending the extra classes on weekdays.

Haruna Aminu

he is 13 years old and lives in the Children’s Home. He’s is Aziz’s cousin. Haruna is a talented football player. With the help of a local politician, Haruna was able to join a football team whose coach, a former member of the national under 21 team,  was very pleased with Haruna’s performance during a presentation. Haruna uses the bicycle sponsored by the Kpawumo Göttingen e.V. booster club to ride to the teams weekday trainings, per bike he needs 30 minutes, if the bike is broken down he walks to the trainings wich takes him about 90 minutes one way. Haruna is attending the 6th grade of Kpawumo Primary School.