Aziz Sayibu ist im Juni 1996 geboren. Seine leibliche Mutter verstarb als er im Kleinkind Alter war. Aziz wurde zunächst von seiner Großmutter aufgezogen, die eine sehr wichtige Rolle in seinem Leben spielte. Nach ihrem Tot wuchs er im Kinderdorf auf. Um seinen Vater, seine Stiefmutter und seine drei Geschwister zu unterstützen, arbeitete Aziz für ca. drei Jahre als Motorkia (Dreirad-Lastenmotorrad) Fahrer und ging deshalb nicht zur Schule. Als Markus Kubitza nach Ghana kamging Aziz bereits wieder zur Schule und war für die ersten eineinhalb Jahre dessen Schüler. Für Markus und die andere Volontäre war Aziz Ansprechperson und Helfer, unter anderem als Fahrer mit dem Motorrad, Touristenführer und “Mädchen für Alles”.


Aziz besucht aktuell die 2. Klasse der Junior High School. Lehrer und Direktorin sind voll des Lobes über seinen Werdegang, seine schulischen Leistungen und seine sozialen Eigenschaften und Engagement.

Aziz hat 3 Geschwister, sein Bruder Basiru (ungefähr 16 Jahre alt) ist jetzt in der 6. Klasse die, wenn vor Ort von Markus Kubitza unterrichtet wird.

Ein Brief von Aziz an unseren Verein:

(August 2016)

My name is Sayibu Aziz. I am 19-20 years old boy. I live with a small family. I am the first born of my family. I have one brother and two sister. The age of my brother is about 13-14 years old and my sisters are 4-5 and 7-8 years old.

The name of my parents are Mr. and Mrs. Sayibu Fati. When i was a small boy my mother leave to my grandmother. So i was living with her for long time, by then i don’t know my mother later she told me that my mother is not more alive.i feld very sad to hear that. some years later my grandmother died too. I lived with my uncle the name of my uncle is dawuda. By then my uncle ask me to go to school. so i started going to school with my friend in the village called Taha. later i moved back to my village Kpawumo. I fell happy to be in my village. By than my uncle got the opportunity to build his own school in my village. i started schooling there. later also has opportunity with white people to go to town anytime because their were working with my uncle . That is place i started my life to have good education. i have been moving around with so many people from different country. so later i met someone who is called Markus Kubitza from Germany. i used to go to town with him and i was his driver everyday even now i am still his driver when Markus came to Ghana his first time i went to town with him . so later i and him rented a motorbike from my uncles friend to be using. later as time go on he seen to come back to Ghana every year anytime he came we stay in the hotel. which is called majisi court hotel but he was my teacher at my uncle school and i life with him he is in Ghana. One day he ask will i like to go to a private school in town. and i say yes of course. than he say ok. so ask someone to look for a school. by then i say to my self i am very grateful  to move from the village school to town school. markus than ask mr sadiq a good school near by the hotel. the name of my first school was called royal unique. i was about one year in the school and the school was not good for me. by than i talk to Markus ok we can look for a different school for you which will be suitable for your education. my uncle find a new school by the opposite of ssnitflat i went to the school with my uncle to buy the form from the school. we have the form and my uncle than fill the form and i was able to go to my new school which is called PEGGY S PREPARATORY SCHOOL.

From there i never have any problems up to now. all my school teachers like me because i am respectful to all my masters and madams and i always pass my exams every year. the subject i like best is math, science and religious and moral education

my hobbies are playing football and reading books. by than i have two option what i like to be i want to be a pilot or engineer. the reason for the scholarship is that i was a good student in my village school since i met markus. i am very excited for booster club to take care about my education now. and all thanks go to Markus Kubitza for doing this gratefully for us.

God bless everyone for that