geboren wurde Jalaldeen am 25. März 2002, er lebt zusammen mit seiner 13 köpfigen Familie in einem Dorf ca. 15 Minuten zu Fuss von Kpawumo. Für fünf Jahre besuchte er die Kpawumo Primary School und war dank seines Fleißes, Ehrgeizes und seiner Intelligenz in der Lage mehrere Klassen zu überspringen. Aktuell ist Jalaldeen mit der Unterstützung des Vereins in der 2. Klasse der Al-Saadi Senior High School und Schülersprecher eines der vier Häuser

Ein Brief von Jalaldeen an unseren Verein:

(April 2018)

I am very excited to express few of my gratitude to your applause. First of all my special greetings goes to Dr. Markus. I have appreciate his effort towards my education since day one till now. During my Kpawumo errands, he use to advise me  because he was our personal teacher in primary 5 to 6 and also at my junior high level he took most of my basic needs at the school to an extent that he was the one who take care of my exams fees for three good years and as it stands now he is still in charge because without him I would have gotten the support that am gotten from this club. All I can say about Dr. Markus is that am vividly proud of him but I know that my words are not enough to appreciate him but I do hope he may knows that I appreciate his effort.

I  Abu Jalaldeen can not use words to thank you ( BOOSTER CLUB) but I do hope the little I have would At least show of how I appreciate your effort. Among people I have meet or see in my life u are  brag among them.

U have take part in my education especially at my Senior High School ( S H S ) Level. During 2016/2017 Academic year, that was the time I supposed to go to S H S one but due to financial difficulties I was almost near to sit back at JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL (J H S ) but due to the effort of this club, I was able to go to senior high school and during my form two time my fees was again taking by the club.

Also, there was books needed for studies in which my parents couldn’t afford but by the help of this club I was able to get the books which help me to survey  the right books at the right time.

And finally my decision of writing the West African Senior Schools  Council Exams (WASSCE). This decision is a good decision taking to express and experience the examination before third year and since this is noted we have to take a good measure which is the extra classless which would help in my education.                            

Finally,  Due to the concern u have and the hard work u have been doing  towards my education I would be excited to set my eyes on u after I finished my secondary school and also I wish  to countinue my school in abroad after I finished with my secondary school and I would be happy if u would come to my aid. I shall be dropping my cuttings by now.

Yours faithfully,